Media Coverage

Below is a list of media coverages of our team, US BTS ARMY
We greatly appreciate all the reporters, writers, and important figures for the mentions.


The Office of President Moon Jae-IN — 180902

Recognized BTS and the efforts of all US ARMYs for topping the Billboard 200 for the second time.

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Billboard News Shoutout

Just for fun but thank you Billboard for that mini shoutout with our tweet!

Kyunghyang Shinmun — 180529

Thank you to reporter Lee Hyein of KyungHyang Shinmun for the interview.

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Interview in Teen party magazine — 2018

Teen Party Collector’s Edition

Shoutout on Inside Edition — 180403

Thank you Jeff Benjamin for the shoutout!

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Podcast interview with fomo daily — 170925

BTS dropped their new mini-album "Love Yourself: Her" along with title track "DNA," so we had to get one of the main administrators of the USBTSARMY Twitter account back on the podcast! In this episode, Julia and her guest get into what it is like to run a K-Pop fan account, ARMY's campaign against re-uploading the "DNA" music video, and which members stood out the most in the video as well!

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FOMO After Dark Podcast Interview — 170630

On this episode of Fomo After Dark, Julia and the admin of the USBTSARMY Twitter account were able to discuss BTS over the phone. In their conversation, they talk about why BTS stands out from other groups, not having a bias, and ARMY plans for helping to break BTS into the Billboard Hot 100!

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MyMusicTaste fanclub spotlight — 160729

Thank you to My Music Taste for featuring us as part of your fanclub spotlight!

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