Frequently Asked Questions

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+ How do i become an official army?

Big Hit opens up registration for BTS’ Official Global Fanclub, ARMY, once every year. As of now 5th term registration is closed but don’t fret, there is always 6th term!

Membership registration information will always be posted on BTS’ fancafe and we would post on our site for fans that don't have access to it, so stay tuned on our social medias!

You can register to be a part of their fancafe first as you would need to do that anyways when you register for the Official Global Fanclub!

+ How do i join bts’ fancafe?


+ Where can I purchase an official version 3 ARMY Bomb Light Stick?

The only site that sells the ARMY Bomb Ver. 3 light stick officially is on Big Hit's official shop ( Big Hit also sells the light sticks on the day of BTS’ concerts at the concert venue.

Although we don’t recommend purchasing from 3rd party sellers, you may still order at your own discretion.


+ How do i send a gift to bts?

Unfortunately as of March 30, 2018, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment have decided to not accept gifts anymore. However you are free to send letters to the boys! 

+ I want to write a letter to BTS, where do I send it to?

Check out our fanmail section which includes the mailing address and letter guidelines!

+ I heard big hit changed their mailing address, is the one listed on your site the most current one?

Yes, the mailing address in our fanmail section is the most current one; you do not need to mail your letter by a certain date.

+ Why don’t i see ㅇㅇㅇ’s birthday for 20xx on your schedule?

We always update the boys’ birthdays altogether towards the end of the year! Don’t worry, we would never forget their birthdays 💜