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From their debut on June 13, 2013 to today,
BTS has been together with ARMY for almost 2,100 days.

ARMYPEDIA is a special chronicle of the memories of ARMY’s journey together with BTS over each and every one of those unforgettable days.

From February 25th, 2019 through March 24th, 2019, ARMYs will get the chance to go on a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces (QR codes) both online and offline.

Once the puzzle piece is scanned through a QR code scanner app, it will unlock a specific date. Once it is scanned, a quiz question about BTS will appear and you can get points by answering it correctly!

🚨Please note that quizzes DO NOT correspond to the actual date of the puzzle piece!

Once unlocked, ARMYs have the opportunity to post a memory about BTS for that date! Due to Big Hit’s rules and guidelines, you only get one chance to post for each date and once posted, it is NOT editable. If you delete your post, you will not be able to post for that date again!

There are a total of 2080 puzzle pieces* scattered all over the world and it is up to ARMYs to work together to piece it up.

* 2080 puzzle pieces equivalent to 2080 days:
from the debut of BTS on June 13, 2013 to February 21, 2019. You can think of ARMYPEDIA as an archive of all your memories with BTS, each and every day for 2,080 days.

HOW TO SCAN QR Codes (multiple options):

1. iPhone with latest iOS update, you can scan with Camera
2. Twitter app QR scanner feature
3. Samsung's built-in BIXBY VISION (Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/Note9/S9/S9+/Note8/S8/S8+)
4. Download a QR code scanner APP

Points system

Selected as a date's Top Memory: 200 points
The first ARMY to scan QR code and solve the puzzle: 100 points
Scanning the QR code and solving an already-discovered puzzle: 50 points
Uploading a memory: 50 points
Getting a purple heart for a posting: 1 point

Scores are calculated once a week at midnight on Sunday (KST) and undated on Monday.



After the completion of ARMYPEDIA on March 24, 2019, each ARMY participant from 1st place to 2,080th place based on their score will each receive a special gift.

1st place to 10th place (10 winners): 100,000 Big Hit Shop points
11th to 100th (90 winners): 10,000 points Big Hit Shop points
101st to 1000th (900 winners): 5,000 points Big Hit Shop points
1001st to 2080th (1,080 winners): 1,000 points Big Hit Shop points