BTS 6th Anniversary Project


ARMYs, TENCENT WebNovel is holding a BTS writing competition!

The competition welcomes ALL ARMYs; there are no restriction on the genre, it can be stories, songs, letters, fan accounts, and even your feelings! The writing competition begins May 14th and ends May 27th, 2019!

Along with the writing competition comes the 1 Million ARMY Bombs Challenge, this is where the 6th anniversary project comes in: each work submitted to WebNovel will equal 500 ARMY Bombs and there are daily tasks for fans to complete to collect more!

As a writer, you can create your stories about BTS. You will be rewarded 500 ARMY Bombs which contributes greatly to the rewards pool once you publish under the proper writing competition.

As a reader, 5 ARMY Bombs are given to your account every day for voting. You can vote for your favorite works.
Every Bomb you vote contributes to the rewards pool.

After 2 weeks, the works with the highest cumulative voting Bombs will be rewarded with BTS prizes.

Level 1: 100,000 ARMY Bombs = BTS Official Products for lucky 10 fans + Open Screen in WebNovel
Level 2: 500,000 ARMY Bombs = Cup holder support in a Seoul Cafe!
Level 3: 1,000,000 ARMY Bombs = LED Board in a subway station in Seoul!

See below graphics for more details on how to enter or participate!

TENCENT WebNovel Writing Competition

BTS Writing Competition.jpg

1 Million ARMY Bombs Challenge

(6th Anniversary Project)

1 Million Army Bombs Challenge.jpg

[Second Stage] Fan Support Tasks
Period: May 23th 14:00am – June 5th 11:59pm, UTC+8

What happens:
Registered users can visit the page with the fan support tasks daily to complete tasks and collect

ARMY Bombs to help unlock the fan support milestones provided by Webnovel.