BTS Official Global Fanclub Membership

All info regarding BTS’ Official Global Fanclub Recruitment come from BTS' Official Fancafe & BTS Weverse.

Starting July 15th, 2019 KST, Big Hit opened up registration for BTS’ Official Global Fanclub. ARMYs can register for BTS’ Official Global Fanclub at any time by purchasing the membership through Weply

> Must be a member of WEVERSE
> Must have a WEPLY Account
> BTS Weverse ID (E-mail login)
MUST BE THE SAME as your Weply ID (E-mail login).

If you do not have a Weverse or Weply account yet, we strongly recommend creating them first!

Please make sure your Weply login e-mail is the SAME as your BTS Weverse login e-mail.

BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY Membership Information


> You can receive your ARMY Membership benefits ONLY if the Weverse account and Weply account, with which you purchased ARMY Membership, is the same.

You can receive ARMY Membership benefits ONLY if the name used when purchasing ARMY Membership is the same as the name on IDs that can be used for identity check.
> Forms of valid IDs:
Domestic fans (Korean nationals): National ID Card, Driver’s License, Passport, Child ID Card (available at local government offices)
International Fans (Non-Koreans): Passport, Alien Registration Card

The name you enter when purchasing ARMY Membership cannot be changed afterwards; therefore, please enter your name correctly!

ARMY Membership is non-transferable and cannot be sold to other parties. Benefits CANNOT be transferred to family members, relatives, or friends. Membership will be terminated if such transfers are discovered!


Is there a due date / cut off date for membership registration?
> No. There is no due date / cut off date for registration. However, ARMYs who register BEFORE August 31, 2019 KST will receive special benefits as well as their membership expiration date extended to August 30, 2020.

Is there a monthly fee for the membership?
> There is NO monthly fee for the membership. The membership is a one time purchase and will remain active for a year from when you registered.
> Membership Renewal: You’ll be able to renew your membership two months before it expires and/or a month after it expires.

If you have further questions regarding ARMY Membership, please contact WEPLY CUSTOMER SERVICE
> Weply Customer Service e-mail:

5th Term Membership ARMYs — Additional Special Benefits:

ARMYs that previously own a 5th term membership will be able to receive special benefits if they register for ARMY Membership. Details regarding the benefits and how to register for it will be announced late August.

> Please note that you must enter your ARMY 5th term info and ARMY membership info between September 2nd, 2019 and September 8th, 2019.
> You must enter:
1. Name shown on the ARMY 5th term Membership Card
2. ARMY 5th term member ID number
3. Date of Birth
4. Contact Information
5. The Assigned ARMY membership number issued after signing up for the ARMY Membership.
Please note that the name on the ARMY 5th term membership card MUST MATCH the name on the ID associated with the Army Membership.

ARMY 5th term members will only receive registration and additional special benefits during the event period. 5th Term members that register on 9/1/2019 will not be eligible for these benefits.

Membership Kit (190911)


Membership Kits will start shipping in November 2019!

Membership Card / Badge / Masking Tape / Poster / User Guide / Review Note / Photo Ticket / ARMY.ZIP / Package / Name Tag