1. There are two ways to pair your LIGHT STICK VER.3 with your seat: using a mobile App, or visiting a pairing booth onsite.
Use one of the ways to pair your LIGHT STICK VER.3

2. If you have any problem with pairing using a mobile App, please visit the pairing booth onsite and get help from the staffs. 

3. During the performance, please set your OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK to “Concert Mode” by lifting up the switch. 

4. If you are attending to show multiple times, make sure to enter the ticket information that ONLY corresponds to the day you are attending. The OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3 will be paired with the latest information you have entered. 

5. Make sure to use three new batteries. If the battery runs out, the brightness of the light will be weakened and might glow in red. 

6. Please sit at the same seat where you have registered for the light stick. Moving to a different seat might affect the stage production.

7. There will be an OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3 synchronization program during the show. 

8. Please be aware that the LIGHT STICK VER.1 & VER.2 do not have pairing function. They will not work with seat synchronization.

9. In case of Galaxy S10e | S10 | S10 +, Bluetooth connection may not be smooth, so please find a help(paring) booth and get paired.

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Imelda Ibarra