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[MERCH] BTS World Tour Speak Yourself Tour + Apparel for US, UK & EU


※ Official merchandise booths will be operated as both General sales booth and Express sales booth. (At the General sales booth, all the official merchandise will be available for sale.)
At the Express sales booth, some merchandise items are available, including ‘OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3’ (Depending on the operational situation, other items can be added for sales.)
※ EXPRESS SALES BOOTH and PAIRING BOOTH maybe added in addition to the booths located on the map depending on the site situation
※ We will help with seat registration for OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3 at the pairing booth. 
※ General sales booth will be closed 30 minutes before the show for 1 hour due to safety reasons.
※ Both booths are subject to early closure depending on the merchandise stock inventories.
※ Payment Methods: Cash, Credit Cards
※ Purchase quantity limitation:3 items limited per person for Light Sticks and all products except apparels

Please understand that the booth operating hours and limited purchase quantities are subject to change without notice.

※ Information regarding purchase of SHOPPER BAG
For the safety of the show hall, SHOPPER BAG is prohibited from entering the show hall.
SHOPPER BAG purchase may be restricted, so please check the onsite information and notices.


1. Products may be sold out early. 
2. Payments are accepted in US dollar (USD, US$) only. 
3. Accepted payments are cash and selected credit cards.
4. Refunds/exchange is not allowed due to customer's change of heart. In case of defective products, they can only be exchanged at the show site, so be sure to check if they are defective right after receiving the product.
5. Sales hours are subject to change without notice depend on the site situation. 
6. All or limited items may become available for purchase through BIGHIT SHOP ( after the show. 
7. Please do not camp out. We are not responsible for overnight safety. You will be escorted off the premises. 
OFFICIAL MERCHANDISES for BTS WORLD TOUR ‘SPEAK YOURSELF’ are only sold through the official merchandise booths at the concert venue. Please beware of the risks when purchasing counterfeit products.
9. In case of BTS OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK VER.3, the counterfeit light stick won’t be connected to the official app. (You can verify it using app whether it is genuine or not.)

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