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BTS 'LOVE YOURSELF' Concert in Seoul (Day 2)

Olympic Stadium

BTS Love Yourself Concert — Seoul

All information provided below are from BTS' Fancafe

BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ SEOUL 1st Ticket Sales Opening Guide

<Concert Information>

* Date/Time(KST) : Aug. 25 (Sat) 6:30PM, 26 (Sun) 6:30PM 2018
* Venue : Olympic Stadium (Jamsil, Seoul)

* Ticket Price : Seating R – KRW 110,000 / Seating S – KRW 99,000
* Ticket Sales : INTERPARK (Exclusive Site)

* Organizer : Big Hit Entertainment, CJ E&M


<Notice about Venue>

※ Please note there will be two ticket sales periods due to the renovation of the reserved seating area of the venue (2nd floor) in July.

- The shows are outdoor events and all seats are designated by numbers.
- The shows will go on even if it rains, and raincoats will be provided for the audience for free.
- Please note that the ticket cancellation/changes/refund is not allowed due to the poor weather.


<Ticket Sales Schedule>

※ 1st Ticket Sales
▶ Available Area : FLOOR(Reserved Seats) Area, 1F Reserved Seats, 3F Reserved Seats
▶ Fanclub Pre- Sales(KST) : Jun. 28 (Thu) 20:00 ~ Jun. 29 (Fri) 11:59  2018
▶ Public on Sale (KST) : Jul. 2 (Mon) 20:00 ~ Jul. 6 (Fri) 11:59  2018


※ 2nd Ticket Sales
▶ Details for 2nd Ticket Sales opening will be announced again.
(2nd ticket sales will follow same progress as of 1st ticket sales)

▶ Available Area : 2F Reserved Seats and the remained tickets from 1st Ticket Sales.

Available Area for 1st ticket sales period

※ Wheelchair Seats Guide
- Please contact the INTERPARK Ticket Customer Center to purchase wheelchair seats.(INTERPARK Ticket Customer Center : +82 1544-1555)

※ Ticket Purchase Limit
- The ticket purchase limit will be applied to all 1st and 2nd ticket sales periods combined.
Please check the purchasable ticket quantity in advance.

- Ticket Purchase Limit : Each person can purchase 2 tickets per show. (Including Fanclub pre-Sale)


<Fanclub Pre-Sales>

- Only the members of BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY 5th-Term are entitled to purchase tickets in this period.

- To purchase, you must sign in INTERPARK (The ID should be the same as what you signed up for BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY 5th-Term)

- If you’ve signed on Korean online site of BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY 5th-Term, you can only purchase concert ticket on Korean online site for ‘BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ SEOUL’

- If you’ve singed on Global online site of BTS Global Official Fanclub ARMY 5th-Term, You can only purchase concert ticket on Global online site (English, Chinese, Japanese) for BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ SEOUL.

Each person can purchase only 1 ticket per show during pre-sale.
- Tickets will be automatically canceled if payment is not made on time.


<Public on Sale>

- Tickets for Public on Sale will be allocated after the Fanclub pre-sale.
Each person can purchase 2 tickets per show. (For all sales periods combined)
- If you purchased 1 ticket during Fanclub Pre-sales, you can purchase only 1 more ticket (per show) during Public on Sale (For all sales periods combined).
- This show is for ages 7 and above. Children under the age of 7 will not be permitted, regardless of the validity of the ticket.
- Tickets will be automatically canceled if payment is not made on time.
- Ticket cancellation / changes / refund if only available through assigned ticket agency.

- Any changes on ticket reservation/refund will not be allowed on the show day, also after the reservation/cancellation period is over.

- Other regulations regarding the reservation will be announced later on, or otherwise will follow the ticket agency’s regulations.

※ If the quantity of purchased tickets don’t exceed the limit during 1st ticket sales, you can purchase more tickets during 2nd ticket sales within the limit.

※ Please keep the sales periods in mind to prevent any disadvantage in purchasing tickets on time.



Tickets for this concert will only be available through INTERPARK. Tickets purchased from an individual, or from any other ways CANNOT be refunded and will be considered invalid or taken into legal actions if needed.

In case of the above, purchaser will solely be responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused by unofficial ticket purchase.

We hereby inform you that our promoters, organizers, and official ticket agency are NOT responsible for any tickets that are purchased through other routes besides INTERPARK.