BTS-Related Products

Below are BTS-related products that may be to your liking!


Welcome, First time with BTS?

Official and authorized by BigHit, the English-translated "Welcome, First Time with BTS?" book was originally written by Gu Ja Hyoung, an older (senior) Korean male singer/musician. This book discusses how the author feels about BTS’ music, lyrics from various albums, and their journey toward their well-deserved fame.

If purchased, a percentage of sales will go to BigHit, BTS and the original author.

✨For every book sold, KALBPA will donate 1% to BTS’ Love Myself #ENDViolence campaign.

VTXBTS & VTxBT21 Pop-up Store
(Santa Clara, CA)

Starting from Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 until Tuesday, April 30, 2019, there will be a VT Cosmetics POP UP Store located inside the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA (right in front of Sephora).

✨The first 200-purchasing customers will receive an exclusive BTS postcard kit that is only available through this collaboration!


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